The Evolution of the Non-Executive Director Under the Senior Managers Regime

A roundtable report

Since its inception in 2016, the Senior Managers Regime has had a significant impact on non-executive directors.

In attempts of defining good governance, iNEDs have seen their own personal accountability increase, compounding existing challenges in identifying, attracting and retaining talent in the financial services industry.

Anthony James Executive Search along with Martin Stewart, former Director of Supervision – Banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions at the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority, hosted a roundtable to understand the challenges, the realities and the way forward.

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“Corporate good governance is at the heart of the financial services industry and this is only achieved through the appointment of the very best non-executive directors”,

James Sayer, Managing Partner

Key findings:

  • The Senior Managers Regime has resulted in a heightened awareness of iNEDs’ personal responsibilities
  • Frustration exists with the lack of experience of supervisors
  • Expectations for an increase in compensation due to increased personal and professional responsibilities under the Senior Managers Regime
  • A call for the iNED role to be professionalised with a formal qualification and key competencies mapped out across the industry
  • Variable pay is not viewed positively by the regulator as it has the potential to jeopardise an individual’s true independence
  • To attract the best talent to the industry, a measured appraisal of the Senior Managers Regime and one’s personal responsibilities is called for

The report, The Evolution of the Independent Non-Executive Director Under the Senior Managers Regime takes a closer look at:

Defining what good governance looks like

If the SMR is fit for purpose


The shrinking boardroom talent pool


International and cultural differences

Self-preservation as a non-executive director

Professionalising the non-executive director profession

The evolving landscape for boards

Remuneration for non- executive directors